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Energy Drinks market in India continues to grow

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Demand for carbonated drinks influenced soft drinks manufacturers to continue their supply in the market. But due to presence of sugar content and added flavor, soft drinks are becoming unhealthy product for consumers in India and energy drinks suppliers are taking advantage of the situation.

As compared to previous years, the retail sales data of energy drinks is growing as per the demand of consumers across India. Earlier, soft drinks were only alternative to treat oneself in summers, but now, market has numerous juices brands and energy drinks suppliers in India that do not harm the health of the consumer. Moreover, sports people are consuming energy drinks like an instant energy supplement drink on the go. They don’t drink or replace it with water to stay hydrate, but instead they get surplus amount of energy whenever they feel low.

Why energy drinks India are taking over soft drink market share?
The answer is very simple. Carbonated or soft drinks have coke content that is harmful for human body if one consumed it in excess. Energy drinks and juices are getting popular because of health benefits. Soft drinks are unhealthy and can make the person obese, whereas energy drinks are instant source of energy, which is especially used by runners and sportsmen on the run. People working out in the gym also prefer energy drinks over soft drinks in India. As most of the people are concern about their healthy living, so they switched to brands offering juices, bottled water, and energy drinks over unhealthy soft drinks in India.